eBay purchase from Canada

One the eve of what is sure to be a historic election in the United States I received an eBay purchase from Canada. And since the Bills are on Monday Night Football for the first time in a while I had to get this post up. It was about 12 dollars and provided a pretty sweet blast from the past. Check out these very different items I’m adding to the personal collection.

1993 Stadium Club – Master Photo (Buffalo Bills)
Mark Kelso. Bruce Smith,  Jim Kelly,  Andre Reed,  Pete Metzelaars,  Nate Odomes,  Bill Brooks,  Darryl Talley,  Steve Tasker,  Don Beebe,  Henry Jones,  Cornelius Bennett

Here are two of the scans front and back. They are 5×7 and a  very nice addition to the Buffalo Bills collection.


The second part of the shipment was a 1980 Buffalo Bills Team set from Bells Super Markets. A store that hasn’t been around in a long time.  These aren’t in the perfect condition but I really like them. They are two cards connected together with a perforation in the cardboard. These cards takes you back to being a kid and collecting the local cards.

1980 Bells Super Markets Buffalo Bills Team Set


mikemayer-ritcher-front lewis-nixon-front haslett-robertson-front freeman-kadish-front devlin-jones-front  butler-ferguson-front brown-nelson-front  williams-hooks-front romes-smerlas-front

Finally the package included two 97 Rock Buffalo Bills Bumper Stickers. I’m pretty sure I had a few of these on school notebooks or bedroom walls when I was a kid.


So as you watch the Bills playing the Seahawks and complain about all the last second political ads remember the most presidential player in NFL history.


Lincoln Kennedy

And Let’s Go Buffalo!

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