Chasing Rainbows

A complete “set” of all the different parallels of an individual card. That is the goal. I never thought I be chasing rainbows, but a couple of these I just fell into. And then the closer I got the more I liked the idea. The first one that I’m working on started by finding a couple cheap printing plates on Ebay. I’ve got alerts set up and hope to find all of the missing pieces to my rainbows. 2016 Phoenix Tyrod Taylor Collected: 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 (Red) 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 (Pink) 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 94/99 (Orange) 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 5/25 (Yellow) 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 1/1 (Magenta Printing Plate) 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 1/1 (Cyan Printing Plate) In Transit: 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 5/10 (Green) Missing: 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 1/1 (Blue) 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 1/1 (Black Printing Plate) 2016 Panini Phoenix Tyrod Taylor #11 1/1 (Yellow Printing Plate) 2015 Topps Triple Threads Jim Kelly Collected: 2015 Topps Triple Threads Jim Kelly #84 2015 Topps Triple Threads Jim Kelly #84 195/232 […]

The Loot Locker – May 2017

It’s that time again.  My Loot Locker came about 2 weeks ago, but I’m just getting to post about now.   Usually I have some pretty good luck with Loot Lockers, but this was not one of my best.  Here is the breakdown. Three Hobby Packs 2015 Topps Platinum 2016 Donruss Optic Football 2017 Score Football Noting special to report from the Topps Platinum.  I’ve already built the base set in 2015 Topps Platinum and am just working on the Golds…I got an Eddie Lacy which I already had. Donruss Optic wasn’t much better, none of the cards helped with that base set and the “hit” was the following card. 2016 Donruss Optic Football #174 Jeff Driskel 228/299 Finally, I opened the 2017 Score Football pack. I’ve always liked Score, maybe because it’s cheaper and has more base cards to try and collect.  But this year’s version looks quite nice.  The photos used are great and the design is clean.  Here are a few that I pulled. 2017 Score Football #151 Trevor Siemian Gold 03/50 Here are some of the other cards in the pack. 2017 Score Football #106 Sammie Coates Scorecard 2017 Score Football #105 LeSean McCoy 2017 Score Football […]

Webb’s Cards and Collectibles – Knoxville Tennessee

VIBE (3 out of 5) Webb’s Cards and Collectibles is a small store but very organized. It felt a little cramped as card boxes were packed to the ceiling. Each set was organized on the shelves by year, each card was in number order. If you needed a card to complete your collection this is the place to come. Especially if you need baseball from the past 40-50 years. I chatted with the owner, Bill, while his grand kids were running around the store. This was pretty cool to see two little boys playing around the store. Both boys were well behaved and energetic and put a smile on my face. INVENTORY (3 out of 5) I’m a football guy and I like to be able to buy packs and boxes not just singles. I would have given a higher score here had there been any wax boxes at all. There were some factory sets, a couple of random hobby boxes, but nothing 2017. There was an entire display case full of Peyton Manning, since it was in Knoxville, Tennessee. Most of the single cards in cases were pretty recent (last 4 years) but there were a few older cards […]

Mail Day – April 14th 2017

Another successful group break with Fox’s Fire Card (@brownsfan83 on Twitter).  Photos only since it’s a beautiful day for sitting on a patio with a cold beverage and good friends. Some Buffalo Bills from Panini Phoenix… A few more Bills… 2016 Clear Vision LeSean McCoy Mega Jersey 24/99 And a couple of randoms… And a couple of hits… 2016 Clear Vision Amari Cooper Clear Change 88/99 2015 Topps High Tek Bryce Petty Autograph

eBay purchase from Canada

One the eve of what is sure to be a historic election in the United States I received an eBay purchase from Canada. And since the Bills are on Monday Night Football for the first time in a while I had to get this post up. It was about 12 dollars and provided a pretty sweet blast from the past. Check out these very different items I’m adding to the personal collection. 1993 Stadium Club – Master Photo (Buffalo Bills) Mark Kelso. Bruce Smith,  Jim Kelly,  Andre Reed,  Pete Metzelaars,  Nate Odomes,  Bill Brooks,  Darryl Talley,  Steve Tasker,  Don Beebe,  Henry Jones,  Cornelius Bennett Here are two of the scans front and back. They are 5×7 and a  very nice addition to the Buffalo Bills collection. The second part of the shipment was a 1980 Buffalo Bills Team set from Bells Super Markets. A store that hasn’t been around in a long time.  These aren’t in the perfect condition but I really like them. They are two cards connected together with a perforation in the cardboard. These cards takes you back to being a kid and collecting the local cards. 1980 Bells Super Markets Buffalo Bills Team Set         […]

Jim Kelly – 1984 USFL Rookie Card

I’ve been looking for a Jim Kelly 1984 USFL card for a very long time.  I’ve found some at prices that were a little out of what I was comfortable paying.  I’ve seen some graded ones on eBay going for upwards of 150 bucks.  That’s a little bit more than I’m willing to pay, especially since they seem to be pretty common.  I’ve seen a few ungraded ones in card shops going for $75-$100.  Again they seem a little too common to be at that price.  Then a few weeks ago while cruising through eBay I found a listing that I kept my eye on.  It was a lot of two cards.  The 1984 Jim Kelly USFL Rookie card and the 1985 Jim Kelly USFL card.  Starting bid was $39.99. I watched hoping it wouldn’t raise much higher.  Put in my last second bid of 60 bucks and surprisingly won the auction at $56 for both cards delivered.  Not a bad price at all.  And I’ve got the true Jim Kelly rookie card from his first season in professional football. At the time of this post, I’ve cataloged over 290 different Jim Kelly cards.  I’ve now got cards numbered as […]

2011 Topps Inception Football

So last week I wrote about the 2016 Blowout NFL Season PLAYER Promo.  None of my players (Steelers RB, Cowboys WR, or Vikings RB) hit any of the weekly milestones so I didn’t win any money towards more cards. But I did open the 2011 Topps Inception. Here is the first box break from the boxes that came with the contest.  I decided to start with the 2011 Topps Inception because it was only 7 cards.  Here is the product page from Blowout Cards. Box Configuration:  1 pack per box. 7 cards per pack. Price: $84.95 Description:  Topps Inception Football is designed to capture the drama, excitement, and buildup surrounding the 2011 Rookie class as it spotlights all the top drafted position players recruited for the NFL Rookie Premiere Photo Shoot. Each 7-Card Encased Pack Includes: – 3 ROOKIE HITS! (2 Rookie Numbered On-Card Autographs or Rookie Autograph Jumbo Patch Card, 1 Numbered Rookie Jumbo Patch or Relic Card) PLUS – 2 Numbered Parallel Cards – 2 Striking Veteran Base Cards Without further ado… Veteran Base Cards 2011 Topps Inception #43 Hines Ward 2011 Topps Inception #85 Michael Turner Numbered Parallel Cards 2011 Topps Inception #24 Knowshon Moreno (Grey) 043/106 2011 […]

Repack – Another Try

So I stopped by the local Target and picked up some cards yesterday.  I saw this $12 repack and thought I’d take another shot and see what I’d pull.  It says 10 packs.  They are all retail packs, but here is the rundown. Two 2013 Prizm Two 2014 Score Two 2016 Leaf One 2014 Prestige One 2014 Hit One 2015 Topps One 2015 Rookies & Stars Let’s start with the 2013 Prizm.  I’ve been collecting this set for a while now.  And just completed the base veteran and rookies.  So why am I showing a couple of random cards, because both of these are base cards I need to help with the second set.  Also pulled one insert.  A Decade of Dominance Troy Aikman. 2013 Panini Prizm Jacoby Jones #3 2013 Panini Prizm Marquess Wilsom #266 2013 Panini Prizm Troy Aikman Decade of Dominance #15 Next here are the highlights of the two packs of 2014 score.  Nothing to write home about an insert and a Scorecard short print plus as an added bonus a Robert Woods and a Derek Carr Rookie Card. 2014 Score Football Robert Woods #25 2014 Score Football Derek Carr #364 2014 Score Football Justin Blackmon #102 […]

All My Cards: Part 2

After a couple of weeks of opening packs and entering data into spreadsheets.  And going back and counting and entering my mid-80’s Topps Football collection, I’ve crossed the 15,000 card mark.  So I thought it was good time to update again. I’ve got a pretty sweet spreadsheet going.  It’s full of tabs and rows and columns.  It’s full of formulas and formatting.  I told you I was a geek.  I spent about 4 hours counting and organizing my 2015 Topps Football and it turns out while I have one complete set I am 15 cards away from a second one.  And unfortunately I have 10 of one card in the set.  (#382 Tony Romo T60) I’ve now got 16 sets completely entered in to my database, although I have more 2013 Prizm to open.  Along with 554 Jim Kelly cards and 175 Thurman Thomas cards.  I have twelve 1987 Topps Jim Kelly #362 (Rookie) as my most counted card right now.  Pretty fitting to have 12 of a Jim Kelly Card!  One side note is that the Jim Kelly count only counts cards that I’ve separated from sets.  Being a set collector, his cards also appears in the sets where […]