Loot Lockers x3

So I haven’t posted my Loot Lockers in a while.  Life gets busy, but I want to post more often and show of more of the stuff I pull and share with this great hobby community.  For the December and January Loot Lockers I’m just hitting the highlights. But I’ll give you the entire breakdown of the February Loot Locker.  Check them out. December 2016 Loot Locker 2016 Unparalleled 2016 Classics 2016 Certified 2016 Certified Gold Team #8 Cam Newton    2016 Certified #179 Rico Gathers 993/999    2016 Certified Sunday Certified #14 Eli Manning     2016 Classics Classic Clashes #17 John Elway/Brett Favre   2016 Classics #123 Roger Staubach (Red Back)    And the Unparalleled Drew Brees, Jalen Ramsey, Jimmy Garoppolo 2016 Unparalleled World Class Records #WCR-6 Bruce Smith    Great addition to the personal collection January 2017 Loot Locker 2016 Clear Vision 2016 Contenders 2016 Donruss Optic 2016 Clear Vision Tony Dorsett 2016 Clear Vision Joe Namath 2016 Clear Vision William Jackson III 304/999   2016 Contenders Jordan Payton Playoff Ticket Auto 25/99   2016 Donruss Optic Legends of the Fall Drew Brees 02/10    #Boom! February 2017 Loot Locker 2016 Clear Vision 2016 Contenders 2016 Donruss Optic […]

Mail Day – Feb. 27th 2017

Over the last month or so I started breaking with a group of collectors that I met through twitter. Mr. Fox at Fox’s Fire Card (@brownsfan83) runs them whenever he gets enough people to buy them out. It’s a nice small group and I like that I can often get the Bills in any “pick your team” break. Today I got my first package from the breaks and while I didn’t get anything great on the Buffalo Bills end I did get some nice cards. Here is the breakdown of the teams and products I bought 2015 Donrus Football – 5 Box Break (Bills, Panthers, Giants) 2016 Limited (Bills, Panthers) 2016 Crown Royale (Bills, Panthers, Lions, Giants) And here are some of the highlights… 2016 Panini Limited – Rookie Autographs – Jeremy Cash 01/99 2015 Panini Crown Royale – #31 Victor Cruz 2015 Panini Crown Royale – Pink Ribbons Die-Cuts – Green #PR12 Cam Newton 2015 Panini Crown Royale – #118 Quandre Diggs 2015 Panini Donruss – Stat Line Receptions #276 Gridiron Kings – Odell Beckham Jr. 079/143 2015 Panini Donruss – Press Proof Purple #149 – Luke Kuechly 112/199 2015 Panini Donruss – Passing the Torch Memorabilia #PTM-CAR 2015 […]

The Loot Locker – October Edition

Over the weekend I got my October Loot Locker.  I always have a hard time not ripping them open as soon as I get the box, just like when I was a little kid but I had a bunch of other stuff to go through and some real life to take advantage of.  Contenders was replaced by a pack of Donruss.  But here we go again, check out what I pulled. Three packs 2016 Donruss Football 2016 Panini Certified 2016 Donruss Elite 2016 Donruss Football 10 cards…8 base, 2 inserts (I had to research the Aqueous test card but there appears to be only 25 of each card.) Peyton Manning The Sheriff Tribute #10     Aqueous Test Jarvis Landry #163     2016 Panini Certified 2016 Panini Certified #11 Colin Kaepernick 2016 Panini Certified #19 Sam Bradford 2016 Panini Certified #61 Jimmy Graham    2016 Panini Certified Immortals #112 – Earl Campbell 622/999 2016 Panini Certified Fabric of the Game #40 – Dorial Green-Beckham 61/99 2016 Donruss Elite 2016 Donruss Elite #62 Mike Evans 2016 Donruss Elite #67 AJ Green 2016 Donruss Elite #84 Philip Rivers 2016 Donruss Elite #93 Brandin Cooks 2016 Donruss Elite Teal #156 Elite Rookies […]

The Loot Locker – September Edition

Here we go again….The September Loot Locker came in the mail today and while it’s a little late this month, it was nice to have it arrive on a day I’m off from work. So let’s just dive into this month’s box. As usual it contained some card sleeves and top holders along with the a few pieces of candy. I’m still waiting on one of those bonus boxes. Three packs 2015 Panini Contenders 2016 Panini Certified 2016 Donruss Elite 2015 Panini Contenders Andre Johnson Tavon Austin Travis Benjamin Russell Wilson Charles Woodson      2016 Panini Certified 2016 Panini Certified #19 Sam Bradford 2016 Panini Certified #49 Ben Roethlisberger 2016 Panini Certified #61 Jimmy Graham 2016 Panini Certified #6 Le’Veon Bell Sunday Certified 2016 Panini Certified Mirror Orange #11 Immortals – Edgerrin James 043/225 2016 Donruss Elite 2016 Donruss Elite #6 Carson Palmer 2016 Donruss Elite #23 Cam Newton 2016 Donruss Elite #31 Matt Forte 2016 Donruss Elite #96 Troy Aikman 2016 Donruss Elite Throwback Threads #TT-DC Dallas Clark 44/49 Kind of disappointing getting a base pack for the Contenders but the Elite Dallas Clark 4-color jersey numbered to 49 made up for it. It’s also one of the […]

The Loot Locker – July Edition (Again)

So I guess I’ve been calling these by the wrong month.  It appears that the July Loot Locker actually comes the first few days of August.  I’ve been calling them by the month they come in, but I digress. Yesterday the “July” Loot Locker came in the mail.  I broke it open and found the following packs. Three packs 2015 Panini Contenders 2015 Panini Certified 2016 Donruss Elite 2015 Panini Contenders 2015 Panini Contenders #207 Chris Conley Autograph Variation Playoff Ticket Numbered 75/99 2015 Panini Contenders #28 J.J. Watt 2015 Panini Contenders #34 Marqise Lee 2015 Panini Contenders #35 Julius Thomas 2015 Panini Contenders #59 Antonio Brown 2015 Panini Certified 2015 Panini Certified #90 Matt Forte Mirror Silver 190/499 2015 Panini Certified #73 Jamaal Charles 2015 Panini Certified #80 Le’Veon Bell 2015 Panini Certified #88 Colin Kaepernick 2015 Panini Certified #6 Ryan Tannehill – Stars 2016 Donruss Elite 2016 Donruss Elite #89 Jordy Nelson Green 61/99 2016 Donruss Elite #10 Franco Harris 2016 Donruss Elite #71 T.Y. Hilton 2016 Donruss Elite #100 Chris Ivory 2016 Donruss Elite #78 Tony Dorsett      As I’ve mentioned before I really like the Elite cards.  They are a little expensive to chase the […]

2016 Donruss Elite – Buffalo Bills

As I’ve posted on here before I’m a big fan of the guys at TradeCardsNowBoards.com.   While the contests and the trading is what keeps me coming back occasionally I purchase a few cards from some of the guys on the site.  I picked up some Buffalo Bills from the 2016 Donruss Elite football set from Rich who runs All Star Sports Cards The 2016 Donruss Elite set is 200 cards, 100 veteran/retired, 100 rookies with 9 parallels (Retail Green, Black #/199, Green #/99, Teal #/75, Red #/49, Purple #/25, Orange #/10, Gold #/1).  The set also include a whole bunch of insert sets.  I like the card design and while I hate that there are 9 different parallels this set is a perfect vehicle for the different colors.  The scans don’t really do these cards justice.  They are a good looking card on a pretty thick card stock. Three Base Cards Thurman Thomas #50 Sammy Watkins #55 LeSean McCoy #45 Two Etched in Time Inserts Thurman Thomas #ET-TT Bruce Smith #ET-TT One Pen Pal Rookie Autographs Jonathan Williams #PP-JW I think this might be my next set I attempt to collect.  Not only are these some nice looking cards but […]

2009 Donruss Elite – Opened 7/9/2016

I picked up this box at a card show about 3 months ago for 4 bucks.  It’s been sitting on my desk and I finally got around to opening it.  The box contains 40 cards and promises at least one rookie and two inserts numbered to at least 899.  Take a look at some of the base cards. #21 Chad Ocho Cinco #36 Aaron Rodgers #63 Eli Manning #76 Ben Roethlisberger And here is my loan Buffalo Bills card… #10 Trent Edwards I have to admit that I have a Trent Edwards Buffalo Jersey.  It picked it up for 15 dollars after he was cut from the team.  It also came with a #5 Bills hat.  Now I just tell people it’s a Tyrod Taylor jersey.  Let’s Go Buffalo! Rookie card as promised. #204 Alex Mack – Browns Inserts Prime Targets #14 Justin McCareins 755/899 Stars #24 Ben Roethlisberger 027/899 At 250 cards (100 base veteran, 150 rookies) and more inserts than I can list, it’s not one of those sets that has me wanting to go grab a bunch of boxes and try to complete it.  I pulled a few nice cards to add to some trades and/or send […]