UPDATE: 2016 Blowout NFL Season PLAYER Promo

This is a bittersweet, and very delayed, post but I felt like I needed to get it out there before Christmas.  During Week 14 of the NFL season when the Bills were defeated and basically knocked out of the playoffs, a certain Pittsburgh running back went over the 200 yard mark.  The Bills are technically still mathematically alive for the playoffs.   This loss probably bounced Buffalo from the first (and Rex Ryan promised) playoff berth since 1999.  It was a very disappointing outcome.  But, I did get 100 dollars for Le’Veon Bell’s effort from Blowout Cards!  Here are all the details from my earlier post about the contest. I got that going for me, which is nice!  Not sure what I should buy with my new found money but I’m pretty pumped about having an extra $100 to buy a new hobby box or two! I’ve got a busy couple of weeks coming up so this may be my last post of 2016.  Hope you have a Merry Christmas filled with family and fun.  And maybe unwrapping a few hits too!  And to get my New Year’s Resolutions off to a good start, here’s the first for me to work […]

2016 Blowout NFL Season PLAYER Promo

So I was perusing the internet one day and came across this promotion by Blowout Cards.  It’s kind of like fantasy football with awards for your players doing well.  I’ve bought boxes from Blowout Cards in the past and thought I take a chance at one of these contests.  It was pretty expensive but I’m hoping it will totally be worth it.  It’s a pretty interesting contest.  You pay for a spot, either $199.95 for one player or $549.95 for three players.  Each player comes with a random box of cards.  And if that player (or his backup) hits certain levels of performance you get gift cards to Blowout Cards.  For example the person that owns the running back with the most yards at the end of the season gets a $1000 to spend at Blowout Cards.  There are both weekly and yearly awards.  All of the details are right here. I dropped the $550 on three players and it turned out pretty well.  Here is the breakdown of the players I will be following closely this season. Players Dez Bryant Le’Veon Bell Adrian Peterson So Bryant was a better choice before Romo got hurt but still a pretty decent […]

All My Cards: Part 2

After a couple of weeks of opening packs and entering data into spreadsheets.  And going back and counting and entering my mid-80’s Topps Football collection, I’ve crossed the 15,000 card mark.  So I thought it was good time to update again. I’ve got a pretty sweet spreadsheet going.  It’s full of tabs and rows and columns.  It’s full of formulas and formatting.  I told you I was a geek.  I spent about 4 hours counting and organizing my 2015 Topps Football and it turns out while I have one complete set I am 15 cards away from a second one.  And unfortunately I have 10 of one card in the set.  (#382 Tony Romo T60) I’ve now got 16 sets completely entered in to my database, although I have more 2013 Prizm to open.  Along with 554 Jim Kelly cards and 175 Thurman Thomas cards.  I have twelve 1987 Topps Jim Kelly #362 (Rookie) as my most counted card right now.  Pretty fitting to have 12 of a Jim Kelly Card!  One side note is that the Jim Kelly count only counts cards that I’ve separated from sets.  Being a set collector, his cards also appears in the sets where […]

10 years of Trade Cards Now

When I got back into collecting last summer I searched for some sites and communities to reintroduce myself to the hobby.  Trade Cards Now is a trading site that I’ve been frequenting for about 10 months.  5 days ago the website turned 10 years old.  That’s quite an accomplishment for a trading card website in a time where the trading card industry has change a whole lot.  I got lucky as these guys have welcomed me and my Buffalo Bills fandom right in.  So I wanted to give them a shout out.  Go visit them at TradeCardsNowBoards.com The guys over there are great guys.  They regularly hold contests ranging from weekly pick ‘ems in football season to my favorite, guess the serial number of the serial numbered card.  Great contests and great sports and card chatter.  I’ve only recently began trading with a few of them but they have always gone above and beyond to make me feel like a valued member of their community and even added in an extra card or 2 when I win a contest or make a trade. I’d like to mention the moderators TCN-admin, bakemeister52 and Spickate, those guys rock. Go check them out and if […]

All My Cards: Part 1

When it comes down to it, I’m a stats geek.  I used to be a database specialist.  I like numbers, I like to keep track of things.  I’m a little weird.  One of the things I’m trying to do is catalog my entire card collection.  Some of it will be easy to catalog as it’s pretty well organized into boxes by year and card company but some of the singles that I’ve purchased online or in random re-packs are going to take a long time. I’m working on a spreadsheet for every set I own.  More specifically I’m working on a spreadsheet for every set that I own at least one of the cards in that set.   I know that sounds crazy but it helps me count and keep track of all the cards.   It will also allow me to import all of my cards into online databases such as Zistle (https://www.zistle.com/GimmeSomeJimmy/).    It will allow me to print out customs checklist of either cards I need or cards I have for trade.  My problem is coming up with the best way to do this. I’m open to suggestions. I’m currently using a pencil and paper to keep track of the […]

Upper Deck e-Pack: 2 Big Updates

It would figure that only moments after I post about Upper Deck e-Pack that a couple of major updates would come out. First is the addition of 2015-16 MVP Hockey to the available packs to buy and cards to collect.  It was released with 8 cards per pack at $2.49 each, and a Silver Script parallel comes at 1 per 3 packs.  Other features include a 1-200 base set (where 101-200 are SPs) and then two parallels, Silver Script and Super Script. Also there are a few other things included, Colors and Contours, Territory, Rookie Redemption, #1 Draft Picks, Autos, and Jersey’s.  And once again they’ve included the combine cards feature that I think is the greatest feature introduced into the hobby in years.  This time it’s a little more, 20 base cards combine to make a green parallel that can be sent in a physical form. So of course I bought a few packs.  I’m not going to go through each card I got, most are base.  I’m not sure how I feel about it but with 4 packs I got 3 of the same player.  This is great for chasing a green parallel but not great for collecting […]

4 things I love about Upper Deck E-pack (And three things I hate)

www.upperdeckepack.com I’m sure you’ve read posts about this service before, but here is my take.  It’s a relatively new service (Since January) from Upper Deck that allows users to digitally build sets, combine cards, trade with other users, and even have them shipped in physical form.  It has some great features and some pretty big pitfalls.  To simplify e-Packs, you can buy (you are given 3 free base cards per day) packs, boxes, and cases and open them digitally.  Each card is scanned so you can see front and back of the card and all the cards are the same as the real cardboard you can buy in your local store. Here are a few examples of the cards I own. UD Game Jersey, GJ-SR 4 THINGS TO LOVE 1.) Instant access from any device with an internet connection. This lets you access your cards, purchase cards, trade cards, and combine cards from anywhere. 2.) Trading with 100’s of people from around the world makes it easy to find trading partners and make trades.  It’s also rather simple to offer, counter, and accept trades once you get used to it. 3.) While you can’t get the base cards sent to you, […]

Kobe’s Farewell

Kobe Bryant 5-time NBA Champion 2-time NBA Finals MVP 3rd on the NBA all-time scoring list 18-time NBA All-Star 11-time 1st Team All-NBA Selection 4-time All-Star game MVP 2-time Olympic Gold Medalist 20 seasons on the Lakers 81 points in a single game (2nd most in NBA History) I’m not a basketball card collector but I’ve always been a Lakers fan. I grew up near Buffalo, NY, no NBA team. So I picked the Lakers as my team because as a kid I loved Magic Johnson. When everyone else had Air Jordan’s I was wearing Magic’s Converse. “Showtime” was what I thought basketball was about. When I played I preferred the spectacular pass to a teammate over scoring myself. So I naturally became a Kobe fan when he was drafted by the Hornets and traded (for Vlade Divac) to the Lakers. Kobe was going to the NBA about the same time I was going to college. I feel like I’ve spent my entire adult life watching him and rooting for him. Loving the 5 NBA championships (Remember I’m a Bills fan so any Championship win is a big deal to me) and suffering a little bit over the last few […]

Welcome to One More Pack

Welcome to “One More Pack” a card collecting blog.  Let’s start with the name.  If you are like me, you have a hard time opening just one pack.  Or for that matter, doing one of anything!  Every time I crack open a pack, I just want to open another. Next, let me introduce myself.  My name is Jim and I’ve been collecting cards off and on for 30 years.  I collect mainly football cards, with a little hockey thrown in.  My person collection leads off with Hall of Fame Quarterback of the Buffalo Bills, Jim Kelly.  But extends to the rest of the Bills and anything Buffalo.  I’m doing my best to organize and catalog my entire collection, but it’s a long and tedious process and opening new packs and boxes is way more fun. And third, I wanted to give you a little direction on what you’ll be reading here at One More Pack.  I will have three different types of posts.  Pack and box break posts, Jim Kelly card posts, and what will hopefully make me stand out, reports from actual card shops.  Yes they still exist. Because everyone likes lists… Goals Connect with other collectors. Create new […]