The Loot Locker – October Edition

Over the weekend I got my October Loot Locker.  I always have a hard time not ripping them open as soon as I get the box, just like when I was a little kid but I had a bunch of other stuff to go through and some real life to take advantage of.  Contenders was replaced by a pack of Donruss.  But here we go again, check out what I pulled.

Three packs
2016 Donruss Football
2016 Panini Certified
2016 Donruss Elite


2016 Donruss Football
10 cards…8 base, 2 inserts (I had to research the Aqueous test card but there appears to be only 25 of each card.)

Peyton Manning The Sheriff Tribute #10

16donruss-sheriff-f   16donruss-sheriff-b

Aqueous Test Jarvis Landry #163

16donruss-landry-f   16donruss-landry-b

2016 Panini Certified
2016 Panini Certified #11 Colin Kaepernick
2016 Panini Certified #19 Sam Bradford
2016 Panini Certified #61 Jimmy Graham

16certified-colin-kaepernick-f 16certified-sam-bradford-f 16certified-jimmy-graham-f

2016 Panini Certified Immortals #112 – Earl Campbell 622/999

16certified-campbell-immortals-f 16certified-campbell-immortals-b

2016 Panini Certified Fabric of the Game #40 – Dorial Green-Beckham 61/99

16certified-green-beckham-fog-f 16certified-green-beckham-fog-b

2016 Donruss Elite
2016 Donruss Elite #62 Mike Evans
2016 Donruss Elite #67 AJ Green
2016 Donruss Elite #84 Philip Rivers
2016 Donruss Elite #93 Brandin Cooks

16elite-brandon-cooks-f 16elite-philip-rivers-f

16elite-aj-green-f 16elite-mike-evans-f

2016 Donruss Elite Teal #156 Elite Rookies – Demarcus Ayers 68/75


Not bad Loot Locker, not too bad at all.  I wasn’t sure what to expect with the Donruss Football pack but was glad to see the two inserts.  And nailing a hit on both other packs was a big win.  I say this every month but I might have to up my Loot Locker purchase to 2!  I voted early so I’m going to open up a few more packs!

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