2008 Upper Deck SPx

Here is the second box break from the boxes that came with the Blowout Cards season long player contest.  I went with the 2008 Upper Deck SPx, just because it was something different.  These are pretty cool cards and I’ve always liked Upper Deck Products.

Box Configuration:  10 pack per box. 3 cards per pack.
Price: $94.95 (Currently On Sale for $74.95)

– One Autograph or Memorabilia Card in EVERY pack, on average!
– Collect Rookie Signature Triple Memorabilia Cards, falling one per box, on average!
– Get 7 Memorabilia cards and 3 Autograph Cards in EVERY box, on average!
– Three Patch or Triple Memorabilia cards in EVERY box, on average!
– Look for 1 of 1 parallel cards featuring highlights and moments from NFL Superstars, falling one per case, on average!

Here you go…

2008 SPx #118 Justin King 375/999
2008-spx-justin-king-numberd   2008-spx-justin-king-numberd-back

2008 SPx Rookies Blue #102  Darius Reynaud 256/299
2008-spx-darius-reynaud-numberd    2008-spx-darius-reynaud-numberd-back

2008 SPx Rookies Blue #109 Jacob Hester 123/299
2008-spx-jacob-hester-numberd   2008-spx-jacob-hester-numberd-back

2008 SPx Rookies Blue #129 Will Franklin 023/299
2008-spx-will-franklin-numberd   2008-spx-will-franklin-numberd-back

2008 SPx #192 Ben Moffitt 134/399
2008-spx-ben-moffitt-auto    2008-spx-ben-moffitt-auto-back

2008 SPx Rookies Blue #202 Derrick Harvey 43/99
2008-spx-derrick-harvey-auto    2008-spx-derrick-harvey-auto-back

2008 SPx Winning Materials Single Jersey SPX Letters #WM-DT Devin Thomas 112/149
2008-spx-devin-thomas-jersey   2008-spx-devin-thomas-jersey-back

2008 SPx Winning Materials Single Patch SPX Letters #WM-LS Limas Sweed 45/50
2008-spx-limas-sweed-jersey   2008-spx-limas-sweed-jersey-back

2008 SPx Rookie Winning Materials Dual Jersey SPX Letters 199 #RM-MM Mario Manningham 133/199
2008-spx-mario-manningham-jersey    2008-spx-mario-manningham-jersey-back

2008 SPx Rookie Winning Materials Dual Jersey Position 149 #RM-JS Jonathan Stewart 136/149
2008-spx-jonathan-stewart-jersey   2008-spx-jonathan-stewart-jersey-back

2008 SPx Rookie Winning Materials Triple Jersey #RM-ED Early Doucet III 55/75
2008-spx-early-doucet-jersey   2008-spx-early-doucet-jersey-back

2008 SPx Winning Materials Single Jersey Player Jersey Numbers #WM-AN Derek Anderson 41/75
2008-spx-derek-anderson-jersey   2008-spx-derek-anderson-jersey-back

2008 SPx Winning Materials Dual Jersey NFL Letters #WM-TR Tony Romo 50/50
2008-spx-tony-romo-jersey   2008-spx-tony-romo-jersey-back

2008 SPx Rookies Green #165 Jerome Simpson 118/199
2008-spx-jerome-simpson-jersey-auto    2008-spx-jerome-simpson-jersey-auto-back


Pretty sweet haul here but no Buffalo Bills. Also nothing great to add to my personal collection other than possibly the Jonathan Stewart.  If you’d like any of these cards I’m always open to trading.  Hope to hear from you.

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