2016 Blowout NFL Season PLAYER Promo

So I was perusing the internet one day and came across this promotion by Blowout Cards.  It’s kind of like fantasy football with awards for your players doing well.  I’ve bought boxes from Blowout Cards in the past and thought I take a chance at one of these contests.  It was pretty expensive but I’m hoping it will totally be worth it.  It’s a pretty interesting contest.  You pay for a spot, either $199.95 for one player or $549.95 for three players.  Each player comes with a random box of cards.  And if that player (or his backup) hits certain levels of performance you get gift cards to Blowout Cards.  For example the person that owns the running back with the most yards at the end of the season gets a $1000 to spend at Blowout Cards.  There are both weekly and yearly awards.  All of the details are right here.

I dropped the $550 on three players and it turned out pretty well.  Here is the breakdown of the players I will be following closely this season.

Dez Bryant
Le’Veon Bell
Adrian Peterson

So Bryant was a better choice before Romo got hurt but still a pretty decent WR to have.  And even missing three games Bell could lead the league in rushing.  And Adrian Peterson is always a threat to be the best back in football.   Run Adrian Run!

The three boxes I received as part of this promotion are below.  Not one bad box in the bunch.  They are expensive boxes.  The Blowout Cards price is listed.  So I only have to win a couple of prizes to break even.  Here’s hoping for some good luck this season.  It would also be okay if none of these players did anything and the Bills won the Super Bowl!  Let’s Go Buffalo!

Random Boxes
2008 Upper Deck SPx ($94.95)
2011 Panini Contenders ($129.95)
2011 Inception ($84.95)

Total $309.85
Difference $240.10

I’ll break these boxes over the course of the next week.  Stay tuned and see what cards I pull.  Until then go open one more pack.  I know that’s what I will doing.

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