The Loot Locker – August Edition

Here we go again….The August Loot Locker came in the mail on Friday and I busted it open to find the following.  I haven’t had a big hit in a while so I was hoping for something nice.  Check out what I pulled.

lootlocker packs

Three packs
2015 Panini Contenders
2016 Panini Certified
2016 Donruss Elite


2015 Panini Contenders
2015 Panini Contenders #195 Rookie Ticket – Dominique Brown Autograph
2015 Contenders Dominique Brown Auto

2016 Donruss Elite
2016 Donruss Elite #53 Matt Ryan
2016 Donruss Elite #55 Sammy Watkins
2016 Donruss Elite #65 Ryan Tannehill
2016 Donruss Elite #70 Latavius Murray
2016 Elite Matt Ryan 2016 Elite Sammy Watkins2016 Elite Ryan Tannehill  2016 Elite Latavius Murray

2016 Donruss Elite Etched in Time #ET-MA Marcus Allen
2016 Elite Marcus Allen

2016 Panini Certified
2016 Panini Certified #21 Carlos Hyde
2016 Panini Certified #26 Rob Gronkowski
2016 Panini Certified #83 Jordan Reed
2016 Certified Carlos Hyde2016 Certified Rob Gronkowski 2016 Certified Jordan Reed

2016 Panini Certified #26 Ben Roethlisberger Sunday Certified
2016 Certified Ben Roethlisberger Sunday

2016 Panini Certified Mirror Orange #11 Immortals – Michael Strahan 44/225
2016 Certified Michael Strahan Numbered 2016 Certified Michael Strahan Numbered back

As always contact me below if you would like to trade for any of these cards.  Until next month, now go open one more pack!

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