Panini NSCC Silver Packs

As I said in my last post I couldn’t wait to rip open the Silver packs that I got with my Classics 2-team case break from Dave and Adams Card World.  After sorting through all of the Cowboys and 49ers I slowly opened the 4 silver packs.  3 skinny ones and a thick one.  Without further delay…

Tom Brady
Andrew Luck
2016 NSCC Brady 2016 NSCC Luck

Dallas Keuchel
Roger Clemens
Mark McGwire
2016 NSCC Keuchel 2016 NSCC Clemens 2016 NSCC McGwire

Josh Doctson – Rookie 172/499
2016 NSCC Doctson 499 2016 NSCC Doctson 499_B

James Harden – Representatives 08/25
2016 NSCC Harden 2016 NSCC Harden_B

Noah Vonleh – Panini Patch Autograph
2016 NSCC Vonleh Auto 2016 NSCC Vonleh Auto_B

Not too bad for a few bonus cards.  Now get out there and open up one more pack.

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