Repack – Another Try

So I stopped by the local Target and picked up some cards yesterday.  I saw this $12 repack and thought I’d take another shot and see what I’d pull.  It says 10 packs.  They are all retail packs, but here is the rundown.

Two 2013 Prizm
Two 2014 Score
Two 2016 Leaf
One 2014 Prestige
One 2014 Hit
One 2015 Topps
One 2015 Rookies & Stars


Let’s start with the 2013 Prizm.  I’ve been collecting this set for a while now.  And just completed the base veteran and rookies.  So why am I showing a couple of random cards, because both of these are base cards I need to help with the second set.  Also pulled one insert.  A Decade of Dominance Troy Aikman.

2013 Panini Prizm Jacoby Jones #3
2013 prizm jacoby jones

2013 Panini Prizm Marquess Wilsom #266
2013 prizm marquess wilson

2013 Panini Prizm Troy Aikman Decade of Dominance #15
2013 prizm decade troy aikman

Next here are the highlights of the two packs of 2014 score.  Nothing to write home about an insert and a Scorecard short print plus as an added bonus a Robert Woods and a Derek Carr Rookie Card.

2014 Score Football Robert Woods #25
2014 Score Robert Woods

2014 Score Football Derek Carr #364
2014 Score Derek Carr

2014 Score Football Justin Blackmon #102 (Scorecard)
2014 Score Justin Blackmon SC

2014 Score Football Peyton Manning Field Commanders #6
2014 Score FC Peyton Manning

The packs of 2016 Leaf yielded two pretty good QB prospects.

2016 Leaf Carson Wentz #12
2016 Leaf Carson Wentz

2016 Leaf Connor Cook #17
2016 Leaf Connor Cook

Here are the rest of the notable cards.  The Topps Christine Michael is another card from a set that I collected but adds to the second set.  The Topps Warren Moon was the only insert in the pack.  I included the Prestige insert of Johnny Football and a pretty cool insert from Rookies and Stars, plus a couple of Buffalo Bills.

2015 Topps Christine Michael #191
2015 Topps Christine Michael

2015 Topps Warren Moon #ATFL-WM
2015 Topps ATFL Warren Moon

2014 Prestige Johnny Manziel Draft Picks #7
2014 Prestige DP Johnny Manziel

2015 Rookies and Stars Phillip Dorsett Progression #12
2015 R&S Progression Phillip Dorsett

2015 Rookies and Stars Ronald Darby #157
2015 R&S Ronald Darby

2015 Rookies and Stars Dezmin Lewis #124
2015 R&S Dezmin Lewis

Thanks for taking a look at another break.  Let me know if you are interested in any of the cards.  As always I can help complete sets from 1984 through present.  I’d love to hear from you.

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