2009 Donruss Elite – Opened 7/9/2016

I picked up this box at a card show about 3 months ago for 4 bucks.  It’s been sitting on my desk and I finally got around to opening it.  The box contains 40 cards and promises at least one rookie and two inserts numbered to at least 899.  Take a look at some of the base cards.

#21 Chad Ocho Cinco
2009 Elite Ocho Cinco Front 2009 Elite Ocho Cinco Back

#36 Aaron Rodgers
2009 Elite Rodgers Front 2009 Elite Rodgers Back

#63 Eli Manning
2009 Elite Eli Manning Front 2009 Elite Eli Manning Back

#76 Ben Roethlisberger
2009 Elite Roethlisberger Front 2009 Elite Roethlisberger Back

And here is my loan Buffalo Bills card…

#10 Trent Edwards
2009 Elite Edwards Front 2009 Elite Edwards Back

I have to admit that I have a Trent Edwards Buffalo Jersey.  It picked it up for 15 dollars after he was cut from the team.  It also came with a #5 Bills hat.  Now I just tell people it’s a Tyrod Taylor jersey.  Let’s Go Buffalo!

Rookie card as promised.

#204 Alex Mack – Browns
2009 Elite Alex Mack RC Front 2009 Elite Alex Mack RC Back


Prime Targets #14 Justin McCareins 755/899
2009 Elite McCareins Targets to 899 Front 2009 Elite McCareins Targets to 899 Back

Stars #24 Ben Roethlisberger 027/899
2009 Elite Roethlisberger Stars to 899 Front 2009 Elite Roethlisberger Stars to 899 Back

At 250 cards (100 base veteran, 150 rookies) and more inserts than I can list, it’s not one of those sets that has me wanting to go grab a bunch of boxes and try to complete it.  I pulled a few nice cards to add to some trades and/or send off to friends, but nothing huge for a personal collection or big hit.


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