All My Cards: Part 2

After a couple of weeks of opening packs and entering data into spreadsheets.  And going back and counting and entering my mid-80’s Topps Football collection, I’ve crossed the 15,000 card mark.  So I thought it was good time to update again.

SpreadSheet Example1

I’ve got a pretty sweet spreadsheet going.  It’s full of tabs and rows and columns.  It’s full of formulas and formatting.  I told you I was a geek.  I spent about 4 hours counting and organizing my 2015 Topps Football and it turns out while I have one complete set I am 15 cards away from a second one.  And unfortunately I have 10 of one card in the set.  (#382 Tony Romo T60)

I’ve now got 16 sets completely entered in to my database, although I have more 2013 Prizm to open.  Along with 554 Jim Kelly cards and 175 Thurman Thomas cards.  I have twelve 1987 Topps Jim Kelly #362 (Rookie) as my most counted card right now.  Pretty fitting to have 12 of a Jim Kelly Card!  One side note is that the Jim Kelly count only counts cards that I’ve separated from sets.  Being a set collector, his cards also appears in the sets where they belong and are counted separately.  So there are a few extra Jim Kelly cards in sets and not in the count of my Jim Kelly collection.

1987 Topps_F

Here’s the updated stats!

All My Cards – 7/7/2016
Total Card Count:  15,291
Football Cards: 14,483
Hockey Cards: 804 (Does Not Include UpperDeckEpack.com)
Jim Kelly Cards: 554 (286 different)
Top Set Compiled: 2015 Topps Football (2,336 cards)
Most Recent Set Compiled:  2013 Panini Prizm Football

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