Repack – Another Try

So I stopped by the local Target and picked up some cards yesterday.  I saw this $12 repack and thought I’d take another shot and see what I’d pull.  It says 10 packs.  They are all retail packs, but here is the rundown. Two 2013 Prizm Two 2014 Score Two 2016 Leaf One 2014 Prestige One 2014 Hit One 2015 Topps One 2015 Rookies & Stars Let’s start with the 2013 Prizm.  I’ve been collecting this set for a while now.  And just completed the base veteran and rookies.  So why am I showing a couple of random cards, because both of these are base cards I need to help with the second set.  Also pulled one insert.  A Decade of Dominance Troy Aikman. 2013 Panini Prizm Jacoby Jones #3 2013 Panini Prizm Marquess Wilsom #266 2013 Panini Prizm Troy Aikman Decade of Dominance #15 Next here are the highlights of the two packs of 2014 score.  Nothing to write home about an insert and a Scorecard short print plus as an added bonus a Robert Woods and a Derek Carr Rookie Card. 2014 Score Football Robert Woods #25 2014 Score Football Derek Carr #364 2014 Score Football Justin Blackmon #102 […]

2016 Donruss Elite – Buffalo Bills

As I’ve posted on here before I’m a big fan of the guys at TradeCardsNowBoards.com.   While the contests and the trading is what keeps me coming back occasionally I purchase a few cards from some of the guys on the site.  I picked up some Buffalo Bills from the 2016 Donruss Elite football set from Rich who runs All Star Sports Cards The 2016 Donruss Elite set is 200 cards, 100 veteran/retired, 100 rookies with 9 parallels (Retail Green, Black #/199, Green #/99, Teal #/75, Red #/49, Purple #/25, Orange #/10, Gold #/1).  The set also include a whole bunch of insert sets.  I like the card design and while I hate that there are 9 different parallels this set is a perfect vehicle for the different colors.  The scans don’t really do these cards justice.  They are a good looking card on a pretty thick card stock. Three Base Cards Thurman Thomas #50 Sammy Watkins #55 LeSean McCoy #45 Two Etched in Time Inserts Thurman Thomas #ET-TT Bruce Smith #ET-TT One Pen Pal Rookie Autographs Jonathan Williams #PP-JW I think this might be my next set I attempt to collect.  Not only are these some nice looking cards but […]

2009 Donruss Elite – Opened 7/9/2016

I picked up this box at a card show about 3 months ago for 4 bucks.  It’s been sitting on my desk and I finally got around to opening it.  The box contains 40 cards and promises at least one rookie and two inserts numbered to at least 899.  Take a look at some of the base cards. #21 Chad Ocho Cinco #36 Aaron Rodgers #63 Eli Manning #76 Ben Roethlisberger And here is my loan Buffalo Bills card… #10 Trent Edwards I have to admit that I have a Trent Edwards Buffalo Jersey.  It picked it up for 15 dollars after he was cut from the team.  It also came with a #5 Bills hat.  Now I just tell people it’s a Tyrod Taylor jersey.  Let’s Go Buffalo! Rookie card as promised. #204 Alex Mack – Browns Inserts Prime Targets #14 Justin McCareins 755/899 Stars #24 Ben Roethlisberger 027/899 At 250 cards (100 base veteran, 150 rookies) and more inserts than I can list, it’s not one of those sets that has me wanting to go grab a bunch of boxes and try to complete it.  I pulled a few nice cards to add to some trades and/or send […]

All My Cards: Part 2

After a couple of weeks of opening packs and entering data into spreadsheets.  And going back and counting and entering my mid-80’s Topps Football collection, I’ve crossed the 15,000 card mark.  So I thought it was good time to update again. I’ve got a pretty sweet spreadsheet going.  It’s full of tabs and rows and columns.  It’s full of formulas and formatting.  I told you I was a geek.  I spent about 4 hours counting and organizing my 2015 Topps Football and it turns out while I have one complete set I am 15 cards away from a second one.  And unfortunately I have 10 of one card in the set.  (#382 Tony Romo T60) I’ve now got 16 sets completely entered in to my database, although I have more 2013 Prizm to open.  Along with 554 Jim Kelly cards and 175 Thurman Thomas cards.  I have twelve 1987 Topps Jim Kelly #362 (Rookie) as my most counted card right now.  Pretty fitting to have 12 of a Jim Kelly Card!  One side note is that the Jim Kelly count only counts cards that I’ve separated from sets.  Being a set collector, his cards also appears in the sets where […]

The Loot Locker – July Edition

Today the July Loot Locker came in the mail.  I somehow was able to let it sit for about 4 hours before I opened it up. Four packs 2015 Panini Contenders (x2) 2015 Topps Platinum 2016 Panini Classics 2015 Panini Contenders 2015 Panini Contenders #188 – Championship Ticket – Brandon Scherff 2015 Panini Contenders #MVP10 – MVP Contenders – Cam Newton 2015 Topps Platinum Patrick Peterson #12 (Veteran Base) Jimmy Graham #58 (Veteran Base) Clay Matthews #61 (Veteran Base) Andrus Peat #124 (Rookie Base) Andrew Luck #40 (Gold) The four base cards added to my duplicates (with no Bills) and the Gold Andrew Luck was not one that I need to complete that set. 2015 Panini Classics This is my first up close look at the “New” Classics from Panini.  Couple of interesting cards in there and they have that old school feel of cardboard.  The one thing I really like about set is that there is a Jim Kelly card (and short print) in the checklist.  I might be picking up a few more packs of this in the future. Here’s a close-up look at the Tim Brown Legends Thanks Loot Locker, can’t wait to open another one!

Ebay Purchase – 7 Buffalo Cards

Sometimes I find a random collection of Buffalo Bills cards on Ebay and, if the price is right, make the purchase.  This is a 7 card lot I recently purchased for $14.56, including shipping.  I think it’s a pretty good deal for some cards that will go into the personal collection.  Take a look. 2013 Press Pass Silver Reflectors #29 EJ Manuel 016/299 2015 Panini Certified Mirror Gold #87 EJ Manuel 21/25 2013 Topps Platinum Autograph Rookie Refractor Patch Frost #ARP-MGO Marquise Goodwin 34/50 This is a great 4 color patch of the Olympic hopeful.  While his chance at the Gold medal in Rio this summer may cost him his spot on the Bills roster, this card is great for my personal Bills collection.  And it’s an autograph, and it’s numbered to 50.  Let’s Go Buffalo!  U-S-A, U-S-A, U-S-A!!! 2013 Panini Contenders Playoff Ticket #117 Chris Gragg 22/99 2013 Topps Platinum X-Fractor #128 Robert Woods 2013 Panini Totally Certified Freshman Fabric Totally Red Signatures #241 Robert Woods 60/299 2015 Panini Playbook #37 Jim Kelly & Thurman Thomas 43/299