The Loot Locker – June Edition

It’s been a few days since I got this month’s edition of the Loot Locker.  No Gurley Rookie Numbered to 99 this time, but not a bad haul.  Here’s what was in the box!

Four packs
2015 Panini Contenders (x2)
2015 Topps Platinum
2015 Topps Finest

2015 Panini Contenders
2015 Panini Contenders #132 – Rookie Ticket – Danielle Hunter (Base)
Contender Danielle Hunter Auto

2015 Topps Platinum
Matt Forte #19 (Veteran Base)
Mark Ingram #37 (Veteran Base)
Maxx Williams #140 (Rookie Base)
Devin Smith #108 (Rookie X-Fractor)
Matthew Stafford #36 (Gold)
Platinum FortePlatinum Ingram Platinum Maxx Williams Platinum Devin Smith X-FractorPlatinum Stafford - Gold

The three base cards added to my duplicates (with no Bills) and I already had one of the Devin Smith X-Fractors, but the Stafford Gold card got me closer to completing the Platinum Gold Set. (23 more to go)

2015 Topps Finest
Garrett Grayson (RC) #86
Jalen Strong (RC) #92
Tom Brady #140
Jamal Charles #143
Finest GraysonFinest Strong Finest Brady  Finest Charles

2015 Topps Finest QB Cuts Red Refractor #QBC-BP (Numbered 4/50)
Finest Petty DieCut

Not a bad card at all.

Thanks Loot Locker, until next month.

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