10 years of Trade Cards Now

When I got back into collecting last summer I searched for some sites and communities to reintroduce myself to the hobby.  Trade Cards Now is a trading site that I’ve been frequenting for about 10 months.  5 days ago the website turned 10 years old.  That’s quite an accomplishment for a trading card website in a time where the trading card industry has change a whole lot.  I got lucky as these guys have welcomed me and my Buffalo Bills fandom right in.  So I wanted to give them a shout out.  Go visit them at TradeCardsNowBoards.com

The guys over there are great guys.  They regularly hold contests ranging from weekly pick ‘ems in football season to my favorite, guess the serial number of the serial numbered card.  Great contests and great sports and card chatter.  I’ve only recently began trading with a few of them but they have always gone above and beyond to make me feel like a valued member of their community and even added in an extra card or 2 when I win a contest or make a trade.

I’d like to mention the moderators TCN-admin, bakemeister52 and Spickate, those guys rock.

Go check them out and if you do tell them I sent you, they are running a promotion right now that gets me some TCN Cash if I get some new active members to sign up.

Check them out!

One thought on “10 years of Trade Cards Now

  1. Thanks Jim, it is hard to believe TCN is 10 years old but I love doing the Giveaways on there and thanks to all the people I have met over the 10 years. Have more Bills cards for you. Come check out our Raffle and Free TCN Cash Giveaways.

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