2015 Topps Platinum Hobby Box: Opened on 4/29/2016

This is my 4th box of 2015 Topps Platinum. Now I’m just hoping to complete my set. Here are the box details.

Product: 2015 Topps Platinum Hobby Box
Purchased: Online
Packs: 20 (5 cards each)
Promised Hits: Two Autographed Rookies, One Autographed Rookie/Veteran Patch, Five X-Fractor, One Refractor Parallel Rookie, One Platinum Die-Cut.
Base Set: 100 Veterans & 50 Rookies

First hit: Todd Gurley Sapphire Refractor (Nice Hit, too bad it’s not numbered)

Second Hit: Rookie Auto Danielle Hunter

Third Hit: Benardrick McKinney Auto Refractor 02/25
(Another Nice hit, too bad it’s not a bigger name.)

Fourth Hit: Jameis Winston Die Cut (PDC-JW)

Fifth Hit: Rookie Auto Patch Ty Montgomery

X-Fractors Rookies (x5)

Box Summary
20 Gold Parallels (No Duplicates)
20 Rookies (No Duplicates)
5 – X-Fractor Rookies
5 – Promised hits
48 Base Cards (No Duplicates)

Set Completion Summary
BASE: 100% (150 of 150)
GOLD: 70% (70 of 100)
23 X-Fractor Rookies (1 duplicate)
11 Flame “Orange” Refractor Rookies
5 Die-Cut Platinum Players (1 duplicate)

Awesome box, finally completed the set. One pack even had 4 of the cards I need to complete the set. That’s a big win. Is there really a better feeling than finishing a set? I can’t even really describe it but it’s a nice sense of accomplishment. Now it’s time for some trades. And time for a new set to start working on.

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