2015 Topps Platinum Hobby Box: Opened on 4/28/2016

This is my third box of 2015 Topps Platinum.  Once again I’m hoping for a big hit or to complete my set.  Here are the box details.

Product: 2015 Topps Platinum Hobby Box
Purchased: Online
Packs: 20 (5 cards each)
Promised Hits:  Two Autographed Rookies, One Autographed Rookie/Veteran Patch, Five X-Fractor, One Refractor Parallel Rookie, One Platinum Die-Cut.
Base Set: 100 Veterans & 50 Rookies

First hit: Stefon Diggs Sapphire Refractor
Diggs Saphire

Second Hit: Rookie Auto Devante Davis
Devante Davis Auto

Third Hit: Jeff Heuerman Rookie Auto Pulsar Refractor 20/50
(Nice hit, too bad it’s not a bigger name.)
Jeff Heuerman Auto Pulsar

Fourth Hit:  Maxx Williams Black Refractor 34/50
(This seems to be a bonus hit.  Great looking card.)
Maxx Williams Black

Fifth Hit:  Ameer Abdullah Die Cut (PDC-AA)
Ameer Abdulah DieCut

Sixth Hit:  Jeremy Hill Veteran Auto Refractor 047/205
(Another pretty big hit here.  I seem to have a mini Jeremy Hill collection going.)
Jeremy Hill Auto Patch Refractor

X-Fractors Rookies (x5)

Rookie Xfractors

Box Summary
20 Gold Parallels (No Duplicates)
20 Rookies (No Duplicates)
5 – X-Fractor Rookies
5 – Promised hits
1 – Bonus Hit (Maxx Williams Black #/50)
47 Base Cards (No Duplicates)

Set Completion Summary
BASE: 92% (138 of 150)
GOLD: 51% (51 of 100)
18 X-Fractor Rookies (1 duplicate)
11 Flame “Orange” Refractor Rookies
4 Die-Cut Platinum Players

On the 3rd box I got a few bigger hits, but no Winston or Mariota, and unfortunately still no Buffalo Bills hit.  It didn’t help much on finishing my base set as there was not one card I needed to complete the set, but a few gold cards I still needed.  I guess a bunch more for trade.   Like I said last time the thing I really love about these boxes is that there has yet to be a duplicate in a box.  This is not always the case when opening boxes. I’m really enjoying this set and can’t wait to crack open my last box.  I might have to make another purchase.  As always if you are interested in any of these cards, hit me up.

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