1990 Topps Football – The Cards of My Youth

This past weekend I shelled out my 5 bucks and went to a card show for the first time since I was a much younger man.  It was held inside a big building at a local fair ground.  With many long tables laid out in rows, much like you’d expect.  It was about half cards, and the other half was split between toys and die cast cars.  It was an interesting experience.

What I found was most individual cards seemed to be overpriced.  And I wasn’t there hunting for missing cards in my collection, I just wanted to see what was up and get back into the swing of things.  I also took my girlfriend which turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I had an extra set of eyes and hands to look through things.  I was looking for anything that I could add to my Jim Kelly collection.  After about an hour and a half of searching I only found a pair of Jim Kelly National Treasures Signature cards, numbered to 5 at $200 each.  It was a little more than I was prepared to spend and a little more than they are worth.

But I stumbled onto a box labeled “4 for a dollar.”  After hunting through I found some 1990 Topps Football and bought 4 (Along with some other things I’ll post at a later date).  It was the perfect purchase to reminisce about being a kid again.  I would have been about 13 in 1990.  The Bills were on the cusp of their first Super Bowl, I probably opened 100 of these packs back then.  Today I open 4 more.



The first pack was a little underwhelming.  But here is an example in case you have forgot what 1990 Topps Football cards looked like.  (Notice the 25 year old gum stain on the Allen Pinkett card)
1990 Topps

The 2nd pack started out as a low blow, I thought I was being taunted by the cardboard gods.  Scott Norwood (with Bubble Gum stain), if only he’d had those arms raised at the end of Super Bowl XXV.


Here are some of the highlights from the 4 packs that I opened.  There are a few interesting “Topps Super Rookies” and couple of running backs that you might recognize.

1990 Super Rookied

This was so much fun that I wish I would have bought ever pack that was there.  It’s totally worth the dollar spent.  Next time I’m buying all of the football packs in the box.

No stats since I haven’t cataloged any of my 1990 cards yet.  But these were really fun.  Took me back to a much simpler time and brought back some good childhood memories.  Love opening these packs. My only complaint; only one Buffalo Bill, a gum stained Scott Norwood.

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