Upper Deck e-Pack: 2 Big Updates

It would figure that only moments after I post about Upper Deck e-Pack that a couple of major updates would come out.

First is the addition of 2015-16 MVP Hockey to the available packs to buy and cards to collect.  It was released with 8 cards per pack at $2.49 each, and a Silver Script parallel comes at 1 per 3 packs.  Other features include a 1-200 base set (where 101-200 are SPs) and then two parallels, Silver Script and Super Script.

Also there are a few other things included, Colors and Contours, Territory, Rookie Redemption, #1 Draft Picks, Autos, and Jersey’s.  And once again they’ve included the combine cards feature that I think is the greatest feature introduced into the hobby in years.  This time it’s a little more, 20 base cards combine to make a green parallel that can be sent in a physical form.


So of course I bought a few packs.  I’m not going to go through each card I got, most are base.  I’m not sure how I feel about it but with 4 packs I got 3 of the same player.  This is great for chasing a green parallel but not great for collecting a set.


Quick Breakdown of my 4 packs.
Base 1-100: 27 (4 duplicates)
Base 101-200 SPs: 4 (1 Rookie)
Parallels: 1 Silver Script


The second big update is that on May 4th Upper Deck e-Pack will include Series 2 Hockey.   This is big for me because this will allow me to chase the Jack Eichel Young Gun that I’ve been chasing in the physical cards for quite some time.  I’m a big fan of the Upper Deck e-Pack service.  I’m glad to see it expanding to other sets.  I’m sure I’m going to spend way too much money on these digital cards.  But that’s a different discussion, for another time, I have to go open one more pack.

If you’d like to set up some trades or just expand your friend list.  You can find me on http://upperdeckepack.com at username: GimmeSomeJimmy.

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